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Lăzarea (Szárhegy) is a village 5 km north of Gheorgheni, stretches south of the mountain seemed Szármány. The name probably derives from the name of the mountain Szár.
T eritoriul has been inhabited since time immemorial. To the west of the medieval castle were discovered remains from the Bronze Age to the early Middle Ages. History of the family history is intertwined closely with Lázár. The medieval castle was built between 1450 and 1532 in several stages. In 1631 were added to fortified bastions and the wall, becoming a pompous Renaissance castle. He became one of the most important centers of military administration of the Székely. Here he spent part of his childhood the prince Gabriel Bethlen. Here Szeklers band, led by Gabor student, defeated the Tatar invasion and Moldovan, 6 September 1658. Those killed in these clashes were buried under the mound Tatar, south of the village. Memorial plaque placed in 1908 reminds us of these events. In 1665 István Lázár a piece of land donated to the Franciscans, where he built a chapel. In 1669 came John Căianu Şumuleu Ciuc (buried with Lazarus in 1687) and constriut a new building, which was burned in 1707 and 1748 and was restored only in 1752. In 1707 the castle was burned by the troops of the Imperial General Acton from the fire only one stronghold remains whole. After this event Ferenc Lázár castle rebuilt. In 1748 there was a new fire and was rebuilt again. The last fire occurred in 1842. On 22 May 1872 and the monastery was burned and then rebuilt.

We started renovating Lázár medieval castle. Since 1974, creation camps are held here.
Roman Catholic Church was construirtă around 1235 in Romanesque style in the 15th century was rebuilt in Gothic style and was built in 1488 and the tower. In 1590 the reformed church were seized and burned oltarele. In 1729, with the exception of the tower and sanctuary, the church was demolished and rebuilt. In 1930 he was married, and the tower was erected.
St. Anthony Chapel dates from the 15th century sits on top of the mountain Szármány.The chapel was rebuilt by the family of Băţanii Ballo-Large in the 1700s.
Franciscan monastery and church is on the southern slope of Mount Szármány. It was built between 1669-1752. John Căianu was guardian of the monastery from 1669-1674, his statue can be seen in the monastery wall.