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 Building houses keep (house construction beams and logs)
Founders: Simon & Simon Lajos József

 pottyOur Company has started the construction workshop in 1993 From the beginning we are dealing with wood carving hand (whence the name manufacturing) with platelets, small statues, and over time I began to produce carved furniture.Produsele noastre sculptate erau pe placul clienţilor, dar finalizarea mobilelor necesita  prea mult timp, din cauza asta continuam confecţionarea mobilei masive fără cioplire. Our products were carved like customers, but require too much time completing furniture, furniture making because of this massive continue without grooving.Simultaneously filagorii manufacture, villas, houses, but we take orders for doors, windows and houses with furniture provided.

pottyOur company is known since 1996 under the name Simon Manufacture Ltd. and currently deal with building more houses but we are interested in all the beams that produce wood.

Wood Protection
It is important that the timber building to be properly protected with a protective solution. Nowadays you can find a wide range of these products is grouped:
• solution against diseases caused by fungi (fungicides)
• solution against insects (insecticides)
• solution for slow burning wood
Next they are products that also include those actions. Many believe that fire can only damage the wooden buildings, although, to some extent any building may be destroyed in case of fire, for example, steel loses strength at 600 degrees F and 400 degrees F concrete begins to crack.  Should know that burning wood is calculable mechanism, burn evenly from inside out as if the tree from 0.7 to 1 mm / min., For example a 20x20 cm column diameter is 14x14 inches in 30 minutes, but However preserves soundness.

It is important that the wooden house to be insulated with modern materials, good quality: vapor barrier foil, foil insulation prevents condensation and other products.


Wall structure from outside to inside:

• exterior wall beams type 4 / 13, 7 / 13, 9 / 13 inch double tongue tongue
• An anti-film layer
• resistance structure 9 or 14 cm
• insulating material 10 or 15 cm
• a layer of foil vapor barrier
• 4-inch gap for electrical and plumbing
• wainscot 2 / 13 cm or other type of sealing material

Prices / Costs

  • Cottages, villas: from 150 euro + VAT / m 2
  • House Square: from 200 euro + VAT / m 2

Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the work, tenders can be prepared in accordance with precise plans, ideas and customer needs are important to us.

For price offers please contact us.

pottyWooden house is the best choice for those who want a home natural and economic environmental.

pottyWood is a material that can be easily processed, it has no emissions, it is healthy and economical.
Wooden houses breathe, contributing to a healthy and natural environment

pottyAdvantages of the wooden houses:
Sustainability of houses is high, Thermal insulation (wood is one of the best thermal insulation), The length of construction is very low and is not influenced by season, Economic, Wooden houses are elastic and it is resistant against the earthquakes, Ecological, Healthy, “Is breathing”.